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Welcome to Tera Moving Services, the brainchild of Enrique Saavedra and Andrew Harris, two Houston natives who traded their corporate careers for the fulfillment of entrepreneurship. Fueled by a shared vision, they founded this company to revolutionize the moving experience, focusing on exceptional service paired with fair pricing. Hailing from Houston, Texas, they bring a blend of southern hospitality and professional efficiency to every move. At Tera Moving Services, we promise not just to transport your belongings, but to deliver trust, reliability, and affordability every step of the way.

Enrique Saavedra


Meet Enrique Saavedra, a key member of the Tera Moving Services team, whose strategic thinking and problem-solving skills were honed during his previous career as an engineer. A Houston native, Enrique infuses his work with the same passion and teamwork he displays on the soccer field, his favorite hobby. His blend of technical expertise and a love for collaborative effort makes him an invaluable asset in ensuring every move is smooth and efficient.

Andrew Harris


Meet Andrew Harris, a vital member of Tera Moving Services, whose calm under pressure and attention to detail are skills refined from his previous career as an emergency room nurse. Hailing from League City, Andrew brings a unique blend of healthcare precision and a relaxed, patient demeanor, much like his favorite hobby, fishing. His dedication to care and customer service ensures that every moving experience is handled with the utmost professionalism and personal touch.

Gino Fongaca

Gino Fongaca

Meet Gino Fongaca, a dynamic member of Tera Moving Services, whose innovative problem-solving skills were finely tuned during his career as an agriculture engineer in Venezuela. Gino brings a unique international perspective to the team, combined with the precision and playfulness he exhibits in his favorite hobby, playing Frisbee. His diverse background and enthusiastic approach to challenges make him a key player in ensuring each move is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Raul Nino

Raul Nino

Meet Raul Nino, an integral member of the Tera Moving Services team, whose keen eye for detail and organizational skills were sharpened during his tenure as a customs agent in Venezuela. Raul's passion for cooking reflects in his meticulous approach to planning and executing moves, ensuring every detail is catered to perfection. His blend of international experience and a flair for precision makes him an exceptional asset, ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience for our clients.

Matthew Martinez

Meet Matthew Martinez, a robust member of the Tera Moving Services team, whose dedication to fitness and health as a personal trainer is evident in his strong work ethic and energy. Hailing from Seabrook, Texas, Matthew's passion for the gym translates into his role, bringing strength, stamina, and a positive attitude to every moving task. His commitment to personal improvement and teamwork ensures that every client's moving experience is handled with both care and efficiency.

Alex Matthews

Alex Matthews

Meet Alex Matthews, a vibrant and tech-savvy member of the Tera Moving Services team, currently enriching his knowledge as a computer science student at the University of Houston. Originating from Seabrook, Texas, Alex combines his analytical skills from academia with the practical, hands-on experience he gains from his hobby of working on cars. His blend of technical prowess and mechanical aptitude makes him a uniquely versatile member of our team, ensuring innovative solutions and reliable service in every move.

Joseph Carrol

Joseph Carrol

Meet Joseph Carrol, an energetic and forward-thinking member of the Tera Moving Services team, currently pursuing a business degree at San Jacinto Community College. A native of Seabrook, Texas, Joseph's enthusiasm and agility, honed through his love for skateboarding, translate into his proactive and innovative approach to solving moving challenges. His combination of academic knowledge and a passion for dynamic, on-the-go activities makes him an invaluable asset, contributing fresh perspectives and efficient strategies to our services.

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